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  1. Kerwyn back from absence! Bio Rhythm!

    Wednesday, 8 August 2012

    It's been a long while since I last type a long long post, since I was stuck at in camp training and my hall's freshmen orientation camp. Cleared my IPPT! FOC was a success too! Thanks to Sheena who showed support during the whole year of planning. She made a lot of sacrifices so that I could go ahead with the FOC activities, and she even came down with packet lunch full of love during the last day of camp!
    Well since all that is over, it's time to go back to visiting fun places! This time we went to Singapore Science Centre, for the BioRhythm exhibition. It was our first time at JCube so we decided to have lunch there first before heading to Science Centre.
     My brother recommended Kung Fu Kung Fu Paradise~
     Top up $2.50 for a soup+drink! The minestrone was average, so don't expect a soup full of goodies!
    Curry Baked Rice with Chicken Cutlet

    Served in a gratin dish which looks really wide, the chicken cutlet curry rice smells really good! Even though the portion looks big, which isn't a bad thing, the dish is quite shallow in actual fact. For guys, this dish is quite filling on its own! The curry taste is not the sweet sort, and can be quite salty if you are one without the liking for more savoury food. It's definitely worth it if you get the student priced meal.
    Dry Noodles with Shrimp-paste Chicken - Personally, I prefer sweet to salty sauce hence I don't reaaly like the noodles. I tried this and found it to be really similar to those Indomee instant noodle mee goreng. I don't down this dish on its taste, but I guess one would be better off cooking at home.
    Kungfu Bun! We ordered it because it looks good on the menu! It's really sinful with so much butter and condensed milk but it's really yummy! And it is! The butter and condensed milk were pretty well spread in generous amounts, reminds us of a similar prata we had back in Bangkok...

    8 minute walk to the Science Centre! 
    BioRhythm - An exhibition exploring the relationship between music and the body.
    Music is a central part of the human experience, but what is the natural force that drives us to sing, strum, drum and dance? What is the scientific basis of whistling, humming and toe-tapping? Our brains, ears and vocal chords are exquisitely designed for enjoying and creating music. 
     A project by Trinity College Dublin, where I'll be doing my degree!
    Manipulate the voltage-controlled oscillators on the control panel and you will physically experience the power of sound to your personal liking. It's some cool sofa where you can feel the vibrations as you tune the dials. I had fun making resonance by fooling around. It's about ideas to incorporate acoustics into our everyday furniture, for therapeutic purposes.
     Creating our own music by altering the pitches and tones using lego. It was a pity the equipment didn't work really well... We could only hear really subtle changes in the beeps and whirls as we plugged in the lego pieces.

     Tactile-free instrument! By interacting with the electromagnetic waves emitted from the rod, you can change the pitch and volume of the tune you are hearing! The television shows a visualisation of the EM lines. 
    Electrowaves being passed through our bodies to create music. By holding on to the "root" chain, and then holding another chain of your choice, you can make music by holding on to another chain of your choice! The idea is that people can actually hold on together to make different music. Really interactive exhibit!

    There's another interesting exhibit where you can make loud and short noises into a mic, and the computer makes a music video out of it! They also have a station where you listen to various pieces of music and they detect your emotional change. Mine as 50, 54, 15. Mine was 10, 15, 4! Goes to show that I have as much emotions as a rock.

    Anyway, Biorhythm ends on 14 Aug 2012! Visit it now! :D

    While we were on the way out, we spotted this cool thing called LASER MAZE.
     It was $5 for 2 tries, so Kerwyn & I both gave the medium level a shot!
    You have to press 2 orange buttons and I red button to clear the stage! It was really fun! :D
    Guess who got finished it in a shorter time?? Hee... I thought it was easier for me because I'm small size but in the end.. BOOOOO ):

    Our next activity would be a picnic at Barrage so stay tuned!

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