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  1. Meanwhile, let's take a break from Europe and come back to Singapore, where a recent event got someone realllly excited...

    I love tulips! Kerwyn got me tulips for my graduation last year and for valentine's this year!
    When I saw that Gardens by the Bay was bringing in tulips, I was sooooo delighted! So, we made a trip down to Gardens on 17 May.
    We took MRT down to Gardens, its our first time travelling to MBS area using public transport! Sunny weather!
    While Gardens may seem out of the way being at the very southern part of the CBD, it's still pretty accessible with a 5-10 minute walk from Bayfront MRT of the circle line.
    My new camera - Sony Nex 3N allows us to take self-shots super easily! :D
    Shipped all the way from the Netherlands in Europe, it's tough to maintain these beautiful flowers. The Conservatory even had to replant the tulips once in order to maintain the exhibit.
    Did you know that my favourite tulips are ranked 3rd after the rose and chrysanthemum? In my opinion, it should come in second instead! Haha!

    Gardens by the Bay is a great place to hang out once in a while. You'll get to see all the flowers you never get to see in our sweltering climate. Besides, the whole place is air-conditioned for a leisurely day!

    Gardens by the Bay has a series of exciting activities lined up to keep the place bustling. They've got OCBC Garden Rhapsody at the Supertree Grove as well as various events for families to enjoy. We're waiting to see what else Gardens has got to offer!

    Had a lovely day bringing Sheena to see her favourite flowers bloom in the hundreds. Entrance to one conservatory is $12 and $20 to both. While it is not free admission, it's pretty worth the money if there's something exciting to check out, so who knows what'll be coming up next? 

    In our next post, we'll be returning back to our Europe adventureee!!!

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