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  1. Her 23rd @ Hong Kong Disneyland!

    Monday, 11 August 2014

    One of her life goals is to visit every single Disneyland there is in the world. So working up in the order of cost, I decided to plan a birthday trip to Hong Kong, where there is the nearest Disneyland to us is located! Needless to say she was elated! On a side note, this post is mostly about Hong Kong Disneyland so check out our upcoming post which wraps up the Hong Kong lovescapade!

    Taking Cathay to HK with our onboard meal! All booked via Expedia together with a room (4d3n @ $550 per pax) at Cosmo Hotel Mongkok! Meiji dessert is the best!
    My boy carrying all our luggage, and us taking the Airport Express Line to Kowloon station, where we could hop on the free shuttle to our hotel! 

    A view of the Elements Mall as we went up the escalator...
    and my favourite shop: selling bread and pastries!
    We requested for a high room at the hotel, and while there isn't much scenery to speak off, at least we could see into the distance and not look into someone else's flat, so it was good enough for us! 

    OOTD before heading out to shopping and dinner...
    Our yummy dinner for the first night! We had full vegetarian fare at 六榕仙馆 and the portions served were really large and delicious! For more details keep checking back for our next post on the whole HK trip!

    Fast forwarding to day 2... it's DISNEYLAND day! After having a vegetarian dim sum breakfast we headed straight down to Sunny Bay from Mongkok station, and changed to the Disneyland train!
    Don't you find the train designs unique and very in theme?

    From my research, I concluded that there wasn't a need to spend a full day from morning till night. Since we were staying for fireworks and the Halloween decorations, we only reached Disneyland slightly before 12, and even then the crowd wasn't too horrendous, so it was fine!
    Water feature wheee!
    Since the tickets were booked online, it was a simple matter of just printing it out at the automated kiosk! Skipping the queue in a user friendly way!

    What's a visit to Disneyland, without taking a picture with the gorgeous mascots? A warning, there's a long queue to get this photo so be mentally prepared!
    With my map and making friends with Oozma Kappa friends!
    Having a little boat ride through Adventureland, where, since we were the only English speaking tourists taking the English speaking boat, we had the entire boat to ourselves!

    Another view of the ride..

    Trying out cute Mickey ears!

    Since I saw my own kind, I decided to take some photos where I could call home
    Fun photo spots are everywhere!
    My favourite cartoon Toy Story Land! Love the themes so far!

    In Toy Story Land, as expected the rides conform to the theme too! Whilst some reviews may put Disneyland down as a place without thrilling rides, I feel that some of the rides are more than enough to give me a racing heartbeat! For example, the Paradrop (can't remember the exact name) you see above is basically a vertical drop which is slightly slower than the other vertical drop rides I've taken before, but still thrilling!
    Photo with a real toy soldier, Woody and Jessie!
    An apt Halloween decoration
    Once again, I found my Doppelgänger, so as usual, she asked me to pose as the bear... 
    and bear again...
    Photos with Alice..

    and a Halloween pumpkin organ!

    Next up, we went for a Mickey show, where characters from various signature Disney movies entertained the crowd in a fantastic musical. Characters from Toy Story..
    Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch
    The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast!
    And a final thank you from all the characters to end off the show!

    More Disney characters were waiting for us for photos outside the theatre!

    Time passed really quickly since we went for all the rides available. Considering that we needed to travel a bit to the dinner place at the Disneyland hotel, we decided to leave slightly earlier. It's pretty convenient to just take the shuttle which comes quite frequently, and a 5 minutes ride away lies the hotel..
    Fantastic lobby with really nice Disney-ish furnishing...
     And the planned dinner place of the day - Walt's cafe!
    The menu is upsized here so you can check out what's available..
    My choice..
    and my choice!
    Some drinks to go along with our dinner..
    and what birthday could be complete without a nice cake to top it all off?
    After dinner we went to check out their gift shop and take more photos whiles waiting for our shuttle bus back to Disneyland..
    One last look at Walt's Cafe..
    Beautiful art pieces by a master sculptor!
    Hard at work, you could actually feel the heat from standing behind the glass!
    And finally, the highlight of the night after dinner was the fireworks! Re entry was done via a chop on our hand just like a club. The only gripe I had was that we went too late, and all the good seats were taken up so we had to sit on the floor. Everyone was just sitting on the floor like schoolchildren so we followed suit! Nevertheless we still got a pretty decent spot to enjoy the fireworks. Our cameras just don't do them justice!

    Awesome Disney songs we are familiar with in our childhood mixed up with the pyrotechnics didn't fail to give Sheena and I goosebumps all over, and really really good entertainment. Thoroughly enjoyable~
    Since it was Halloween we decided to snap a few more pictures with the Mascots who changed into nice costumes for a different photoshoot experience. Chip & Dale as well as Goofy were our last additions to our photo collection! And with that we bid farewell to the park of dreams Disneyland!

    Reaching the hotel just before midnight, the hotel staff were so kind to accede to my request of having a small birthday cake to surprise her. What's more, it's all free of charge! Now that's good service! They actually sent the cake up, sang her a birthday song and took a picture of us. So I would like to say a big thank you to Cosmo Hotel Mongkok for making this possible too! 

    As for me, my big thank you goes out to my boy for planning a wonderful trip! Hopefully we get to go to all the Disneyland and fulfill my dreams! Meanwhile though, hang on for our next post which will wrap up the Hong Kong trip!