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  1. Breakfast with Sesame Street @ USS!

    Thursday, 7 August 2014

    We have been busy with life and such, transiting into work etc. Thus we found hard to fix up a schedule to maintain this blog but we'll still try our very best!. Checking our gmail account suddenly made me feel that this was one way we could document our memories properly, and considering many big plans are coming up, it would be good for us to clear some backlog!

    First of all, we will need to travel back in time to July 2013, when we had a breakfast date with my favourite Sesame Street characters! Amazingly, this event is still going on at Resorts World Sentosa! Details can be found here. Available only on Saturdays, it will set you back $113 per pax to get the special breakfast buffet (Lots of photos) and a full day park entrance! Wouldn't hurt if you are planning to spend a day at USS right?

     Posing with our special tickets!
     What trip to USS would be complete without the iconic globe?
    Because it was early in the morning (9am!) the streets were empty, and really windy!

    Mimicking Cookie Monster to make the lady happy...

     My dream shop!
     After a little short walk with guided signs we finally reached the restaurant. As you can see it's been converted from a restaurant which operates normally during other hours, so it may seem familiar to a lot of you who frequent USS. After registration, they provide you with a goody bag and it contains...
     An Elmo plate which you can bring home!
     Awesome cake (inedible though...)
    Cookie monster imprinted on french toasts and really cute cutlery to keep little ones, and the children in us entertained!

     Helping myself to the spread...

     More food!

    Perhaps halfway through your meal you might hear some screaming from the kids. It just signals the entrance of the Sesame Street characters for a photo taking session! The downside is that it's not THAT organized and children tend to get their way, I mean, we do feel bad to insist on our turn. So an option would be to quietly wait for the commotion to die down, or for new characters to come in for the kids to swarm them.. All in all just make sure you take photos! Because that's probably what you came for..
    Elmo and Oscar!
     Abby Caddaby! And here's us with our Cookie Monster cups! Told you their cutlery was cute.. and in fact, we actually purchased the cups (new ones at the gift shop) and are still using it today!


    As you can probably tell by now we are great fans of Cookie Monster! Well because I love cookies and I think he's just awesome! In any case we managed to snap a photo with him before he engulfed another kid in a hairy hug. We also teased CM with cookies we got from the breakfast spread and he was like AWWWWW..... Gave us a thumbs up too when he saw our shirts and that we were avid fans! It was great fun!

    On a side note now regarding the food, don't expect high standards. Well the presentation is one thing, but because overall if you're in for a gastronomic time, this isn't exactly the best breakfast you'll have. But if you're just in for the fun and experience, go for it!

    After the breakfast, it was time to explore USS once again! As we walked along the streets, we were...

     Ambushed by Grover...

     Got a picture with Ernie...
     Watched a short musical performance of the Sesame Street characters...
     And, although a little out of point, found Betty Boop!
    Although we did go for all the rides in USS, the reviews aren't being done here since the post isn't on USS itself per se, but I just cannot complete this post without a picture with my favourite Kung Fu Panda PO!

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