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  1. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Or well, it was my 25th birthday, and she was really sweet to bring me to a place where we once had countdown to New Year's Eve before (a long time ago in 2011!) So, first off, location wise its as per the name, just plopped next to Changi Village, so if you don't drive, it could be a bit of a hassle to get there. 

    Before we got to the actual dinner venue we decided to check out some sights. Changi Point Coastal Walk is a stone's throw away from Netheravon road which CVH sits on so we decided to take a walk and some pictures before our dinner! More information on Changi Coastal Boardwalk can be found here.


    It is a pretty quiet place, or at least when we went on a weekend late afternoon. Fortunately there wasn't much sun, and a bit of a sea breeze to keep us from sweating in Singapore's weather. It's a good place to have a good long chat with your loved one, or just enjoy the pristine surroundings.

    If there was anything to mark the place down though, it would be the presence of industry (some, not much) in the background, kind of spoils the photos unless you get into the really right angles. Nevertheless we still managed to get some happy shots in, all with the use of timers and tripods and some old school poses!

    Back at the hotel, we took the lift up to level 8 where the dinner is supposed to be - La Cantina. I chose this place because of the potential view it offered and the ambience, and we weren't disappointed! Except for the bugs at night which I kind of hate, especially when dusk comes! However you can choose between dining Al Fresco, or just sit in the comforts of the air conditioned area.

    View from the Al Fresco dining area!

    Moving on to the food! We had the usual vegetarian friendly options of:

    Minestone soup and bread...

     Carbonara... ok I admit this wasn't vegetarian so you can guess who ate it!
     And a pizza! It's pretty clear who went for which side in this case too =)
    and most of all, how could we call it a celebration without the beer?

    Overall the food was good, but the carbonara wasn't the best we had. Pizza and pasta wise, both loses out to place like Peperoni Pizzeria and the like. Of course we were here for the ambience most importantly, which makes it a good place for dates and the like!

    Last but not the least, what is a birthday without a nice little cake?
    Looking forward to more awesomeness for future celebrations!

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