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  1. 35th Monthsary

    Friday, 25 May 2012

    It's our 35th month together, and we decided to celebrate by having a simple dinner. Since groupon had a great deal of 50% off at Jingle's Pasta and Pizza , I decided to go for it, although Sheena wasn't really keen on it... 

    I wasn't that keen on it as I wasn't able to find any reviews on hungrygowhere which I would usually do so before buying any dining coupons. In addition, compared to having dinner in a condominium, naturally I would prefer places that are in town instead.

    At first look, we were a little disappointed. Jingle's is situated in Costa Rhu, a condominium which is quite inaccessible if you didn't have a car. The place could seat a maximum of about 20 people, which meant it was quite small. Compared to the rest of the restaurants we have been to, the setting was relatively lacking. The menu was quite limited as well, some pastas such as gnocchi and desserts were not available.
    Starting off we had minestrone and bruschetta. The minestrone had a pretty strong onion smell to it, and there were lots of other vegetables, but due to the onion smell, I was the one who finished it all. The chef gave us some knowledge about minestrone soups when we commented that it didn't look as appetizing as the usual more tomato coloured minestrone soups we have had before. For example, the one we were having is minestrone genovese, and it can have pesto added to have a greenish tinge, or tomato for a redder glow. In any case, the taste was still locked in and it was a decent soup.

    We've always liked bruschetta as an appetizer as we enjoy the taste of how tomatoes are prepared along with garlic, olive oil, pepper and basil. The bruschetta was well prepared and the restaurant was not stingy at all with the toppings! The bread was well toasted giving making the appetizer a fresh and simple dish to begin our meal!
    As a fan of carbonara, we would always order it regardless of the restaurant we visit! The penne was not over-cooked and the cream sauce was well mixed with the penne. For us, we prefer a stronger pepper taste, so we added more black pepper. Otherwise, the taste was quite nice, very home-cooked feel.

    For the pizza we went with the safer choice of Hawaiian. It was thin crust, and generally had that wood-fired feel to it. I enquired about this and the chef told me that although he wasn't using a traditional wood fired oven (due to regulations), he did a setup to achieve a texture as similar as possible. I must say he did a pretty good job. The only difference is the pizza was a little less burnt. Overall both of us agreed that the food exceeded our expectations. If they do have other outlets, we may consider dropping by again!

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