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  1. Double Hellos Say Hello World!

    Sunday, 20 May 2012

    Big hello! I'm Kerwyn and my posts will be in this colour. Basically this is to keep track of things we do, and places we go, as well as munchies to eat! Couples go places, and something that might be interesting to one party might not be to another. Hence, I would be providing reviews from the viewpoint of the boy! Of course, that doesn't mean a boring place to a boy should be skipped. Many a times, places that yield happiness to your girl would also bring you smiles to =) So enjoy!

    Small hello! I'm Sheena and my posts will be in this colour. My English isn't as fantastic as my boy so please pardon me if I do make any grammar or sentence structure mistakes! XD
    As mentioned, I'll be providing my views from a girl's perspective! In addition, as I'm not a meat lover, I do enjoy vegetarian-friendly places as well! 

    As we are moving onto planning for our future, we have became kind of budget in life as well. Hence, we try to save as much as we can, but not forgetting to pamper ourselves at times too!

    Lastly, we're newbies in this, so please provide us with any feedback via formspring for us to improve! We're open to all feedback (both positive and negative, hee...)!

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