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  1. Flora Hokkaido Part 5

    Friday, 12 October 2012

    Sorry for the hiatus! School has been busy for both of us and we can't find time to blog! :/ I just had my 22nd birthday and will blog about it soon. Meanwhile, here's my last post on Hokkaido!
    Visited the chocolate factory aka 白色恋人 in Sapporo!
     The production line!

     Lots of nice cakes inside!
     My brother and I chose the top 2 selling cakes! Yummy!! :D

     Their chocolate milk is really yummy too!
     The pretty park outside the factory!

    Off for some shopping at 狸小路. There's quite a few streets here and a basement shopping centre which I bought really cute stuff. Price isn't very cheap though! There's a discount shop in this area where we bought all the snacks. Do buy green tea kitkat if you see one, it's really really delicious! Royce chocolate chips are cheaper in Japan too. We bought several boxes of the white chocolate biscuits back too!
    On our last day in Sapporo, we went to Odori park which is usually bustling with people in the evening. A quick photo stop at the 19th century red bricks Old Hokkaido Government Building and the Sapporo TV tower.

    My tour group!
    With the tour guide and tour leader!

    We left for a domestic flight back to Tokyo. The domestic airport has lots of yummy snacks that you have to try. The tour guide highly recommended the cream puff which is sooooo heavenly!
    There's a Calbee shop and you have to try the potato chips! Freshly fried! YUMMMMSSS!!
    After another night in Tokyo, we took a morning flight back to SG! Can't wait to be back! Really love Japan! Told Kerwyn that I wanna learn Japanese so that I can fly there any time I want! Hee~

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