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  1. Flora Hokkaido Part 4

    Friday, 28 September 2012

    The day began with a scenic drive to Biei and Furano which is renowned for its picturesque view!
     A huge flower field!
     Family photo!
     My beloved brother who is often mistaken as my boyfriend when Kerwyn isn't by my side!

    Cute white dog outside the flower field!
     Our tour guide recommended pearl corn! You can to eat it raw! It's really sweet! MUST TRY!
    My favourite Japanese curry for lunch! Do try the milk soup if you happen to come across it! It's not a dessert kind of soup, it has ingredients such as carrots and broccoli inside. Really sweet soup which reminds me of Nespray. Haha!
    Bought some exfoliation product which is really good! 
    Big difference right?
    Left for a cheese factory thereafter and obviously, I bought cheesecake to eat! It's really yummy but it has to be eaten fresh, so I can't bring back to SG! ): 
    Another stop to take some photos

    The tree in the background appeared in some car commercial because it's unique and stylish?? See the red/white arrow? It points down to the curb so that drivers wouldn't mount curb! Cool hor? 
    Dinner was at Susukino Ramen Alley, where ramen shops line both sides of the alley. The ramen was uber delicious and the soup was made less salty to suit the taste of Singaporeans. 
    No more onsen but the hotel provides yutaka! Kept eating the entire day and ended the night with the cheesecake I bought at LeTao and a Sapporo beer! My brother and I know how to enjoy life! :D

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