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  1. We're still working on our post about our Europe travel, so meanwhile, here's an update on our recent trip to Adventure Cove and S.E.A. Aquarium!
    Acting cool at Harbourfront MRT! With our new Lacoste shades!

    We have been wanting to visit the Adventure Cove ever since its opening last year, but due to our busy schedule, we have been postponing it! ): BUT... the time has finally came for us to visit it because Kerwyn's cousin was planning a family outing to the Adventure Cove! ^^ As Kerwyn is having his internship, we had to go on a weekend. His family accommodated even though they knew there would be a crowd! Happy family~!! :D
    No family photo, sadly, because we were rushing to get a cabana. There's only 5 cabanas available for rent ($128) and its on a first come first serve basis. We didn't manage to get 1 because it was really crowded, but we managed to get a cabana that was for free. The difference between the rented one and the free one is that, it includes a personal standing shower, ceiling fan, water bottles, towels and food vouchers. We thought that the free one was good enough since we won't be staying there most of the time. If you're worrying about queuing for the toilet to get a shower, it was quite a short wait, at most 10 minutes for both men and women.
     Kerwyn taking the floats for his younger cousins!

    Got told off by an ang moh that the floats were not supposed to be hogged. Thought about it for awhile and then agreed. Anyways there were no lack of floats so no worries!
     Taking some shade before we're out to play!

    We do not own a waterproof camera, so there wont be any photos about the rides we took. There is an area for you to place your goggles and it isn safe to place your camera there. Goggles aren't necessary because you won't be able to bring it with you through the rides. Here's a quick review on some of the rides we took.
    Dueling Racer - Very safe for children. My 5 year old cousin took it without a single scream when my dearest girlfriend screamed her way down. As for me, I never liked taking such rides, I didn't take it when we went Sunway Lagoon. Unlike Sunway Lagoon, the mat provided by Adventure Cove has handles so I can grip on tight to it without worrying... So... I agreed on taking the ride! :D My aunt took a video of us down the ride!

    Some of the rides are side by side, e.g. Pipeline Plunge & Tidal Twister, so there's 2 queues on the same stairway which is a lil confusing because we do not know which is more fun? No worries about odd numbers because you can take the rides alone. For us, the best ride was the Riptide Rocket! Longest waiting time! We queued for a good one hour! The ride lasts about 30s which brings you into tunnel and out with a sudden plunge and climbs. 
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    If you're really small sized like Sheena is, make sure to be in a firm position, else your neck would take a brunt of the shocks! She came out a bit stiff necked which hurt for a day or two...
    Marine life at the Rainbow Reef

    I love the Rainbow Reef - best snorkelling experience I ever had! Haha. Sounds stupid, but yeah, because I have really bad motion sickness, the currents in the sea would always get me seasick when I'm snorkelling. Rainbow Reef provides you with the snorkelling mask and life jacket which allows you to enjoy the snorkelling experience in peace. 
    We started at 10am, and left the place at around 4+pm. Had lunch inside Adventure Cove which costs us less than $10 per pax. They have vegetarian briyani, so no issues for the vegetarians! :D
    We could have stayed longer, but because we bought the tickets to the S.E.A Aquarium which closes at 7pm. There was a queue to enter the aquarium... Thankfully the queue moved faster than the queues at Adventure Cove (:
     Lots of interesting marine life!
    It's sort of like underwater world, but with more stuff and fish. Sheena points at some sharks swimming overhead while we squeeze past the crowd to the main exhibits.

     I didn't dare to touch the starfish!

    They've got a huge selection of tanks. Seahorses, sea jellies, even shark egg sacs were being showcased! It's really quite a collection, and an eye opener for those who are keen to know more about marine life.

    Watch the dolphins!
    As most of you probably know by now, the aquarium is housing some dolphins. While the stories we hear in the media did make my heart wrench a little when I saw these beautiful creatures swim around in captivity, it was still something that we both appreciated a lot.

    In fact, the dolphins are really pretty friendly and they kept swimming up to the swimming glass for photo opportunities! You can see one almost smiling in the lower pic!

     We love to imitate the marine life! Who looks more like it? Hee...
    The huge huge viewing tank! It might be the largest one in the world if my memory serves me correctly. There's no harm just taking a seat, and just watch the fishes school and swim past. They've got manta rays and an awesome habitat just set out for one to admire!

    Random tank where the fish was clustered in a fish "ball", weird behaviour!
    Colourful corals!
    Seeing all these marine tanks makes a former tank owner like me a bit "gian", but I guess I'll still stick to freshwater!
     During our first year anniversary, we took a picture with a shark at Underwater World! 3 years later...
     We're doing it with the real one! On a side note, I think we look better now! Hurhur...
    Looks like a nurse shark, but there wasn't any writeup anywhere near except about lemon sharks.. but I don't remember lemon sharks looking like that... ANYWAYS the shark was resting at the bottom with a couple of its friends. It seemed to be sleeping soundly so I decided to snap a picture with it! This qualifies as my favourite shark due to its default "sleepalike" position. 

    And that brings us to the end of S.E.A aquarium and our adventure cove tour! Tickets to both these attractions are priced at $59 for a one day pass to both. For just S.E.A it would be $33 for both peak and non peak, while Adventure Cove costs $29 for non peak and $33 for peak. If you have a good idea how to spend your day, go for the package! Even though the aquarium closes at 7 pm, we stayed well after 7, almost until 730, although there was a growing stress to quickly finish the attractions. So do come down to S.E.A and Adventure Cove for a great day of activities!

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      That looks like fun! Where is this located at?

    2. This is located at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, it's on an island which is really accessible!

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