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  1. It's our 50th month together! For the past 2 years we've been dropping by to see what has the Singapore Night Festival got to offer. We were pleasantly surprised with the exhibits which were very vibrant in colour, making it easy for even non-artsy people like us to appreciate.

    It also allows free entry into the museums like Singapore Arts Museum unlike normal fees of $10. Small wonder such an event attracts sooo many Singaporeans!
     Light projections onto the walls of Singapore Arts Museum
    We watched a 9 pm performance Night Lights - The Magic Melody, combining audio and visual treats to engage the viewers.
    Courtyard of SAM isn't decorated this time around...

    Lasting from 7 pm to 2 am, the event stretches from Singapore Arts Museum to National Museum and all the way to Plaza Singapura. The map of the grounds can be found here

    To get to the Singapore Night Festival, public transport options are widely available since it is right smack in the middle of town. For those who would rather drive, parking options are available at SMU Admin building which is open till 12 am, or NTUC Union House which is open till 2 am for Switch customers. Expect the crowds to think so too and parking to be scarce also. So be there early or be prepared to wait!

     Nice light sculptures lighting up the whole of the SMU campus!
     Live performance of HOMEMADE band
     This year seems to be focusing on a lot of facades, so at the National Museum you get to see wonderful projections again!
     Vertical Extraction, another performance which makes use of the facade of the museum but in a different way. 
     Professional and coordinated, the artists use shadows, light and their own movement to create a piece of their own.
     Meanwhile, another performance Pyramid of Void
     After watching, we felt thirsty despite the occasional breeze. So we walked towards the Cathay to grab a drink. On the way, we spotted some lighted up airplanes outside SOTA. Being an aerospace engineer, a photo couldn't be missed!
    Cute piece which blinks rapidly and only shows up as SG on a camera!
    Finishing off the day at Starbucks with our favourite dark mocha frap. Hopefully next year's Night Festival will be even more exciting! And that also concludes our 50th monthsary date. More plans coming right up!

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