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  1. A Dental.... and some arcade???

    Wednesday, 13 June 2012

    Because I was feeling uncomfortable after my dental, my boy decided to bring me to the arcade for some fun! P.S: We didn't played enough in Kaohsiung! hee... (:
    Just for reliving old memories and since we had nothing to do in Parkway, saw Timezone and we decided to pop in unanimously! Conversation went like this:

    Bhello: B, let's go to... the arcade? since we got nothing to do..
    Shello: Eh?! I also saw it and wanted to go also haha... Looks like we miss arcade times in Taiwan eh?
     Look! The card changed so much! I know I used to play with tokens, and then it changed to card when I was in secondary school? I remembered it being greyish? haha.
    Spent $10 on a card to get $1 free, good enough for us to spend an hour in the arcade.
    We became racing legends!

    It's been a long time since we played Daytona, although we remembered the basics, our timings weren't as good as in the past!

    Spent $4 on this ride, about 3 minutes of ride! It's similar to those motion simulators in Genting a long long time ago. Pretty good if not for the over-rigorous movement which caused it to stop when it "detected" an obstruction in the movement area.
    Scary! Almost got motion sickness after awhile. I screamed for the first 30 seconds, and then decided to hold on to my boy for dear life in silence haha... But there were seat belts and a latched door so it was pretty safe!

    My favourite game when I frequented arcades in the past! Looks like we didn't lose our touch when we returned to this machine! Managed to clear normal stages with 5 footprint difficulty! 
    Arcades are still great fun! Although I still wish to return to the times when a play only cost 20 cents and everything were in tokens. Ahhhh feeling old!

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