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  1. It has been a while (2 years) since we last ate at Greenland Vegetarian. My girl has been visiting this place since she was a child however, since the change of management, her family visited this place less. We decided to drop by this place as we happened to pass by.

    As the place was renovated recently, it's now much more spacious and neat. The staff is still as friendly as always!

     Sambal Kangkong 马来风光 $9
    This is one of the best Sambal Kangkong I've eaten. The vegetables are young and crunchy! The spicy level is also just nice too! 
    Being a vegetarian dish it performs very well as it achieves a very similar taste to the normal sambal kangkong despite not using shrimp.
    Crispy Soy Sauce Fish 油浸素鱼 $12
    My fav dish since young!! (: I love to pour the gravy into my rice and I'll be able to finish the whole bowl of rice! hee... They sprinkled fried ginger and mushrooms on top which adds flavour. Amongst the various vegetarian fishes available on the market, they chose one of the better tasting ones and fried it very nicely. 
    Just like my girl said, the fish is fried and the outer layer stays crispy and savoury, combined with the sauce, makes a great dish! We didn't remember the english name of this dish, so you might have to source the menu for the chinese words.
    Claypot Tofu 砂煲豆腐 $10
    The gravy for this dish is awesome too, goes very well with rice. The tofu is very fresh and they're generous with the vegetables too. 
    Both of us are crazy about this dish because of the sauce which can cause us to eat more rice than we actually should! (very dangerous for weight conscious people) In conclusion, if you're looking for a vegetarian place to host a dinner for your family and friends, Greenland vegetarian is an option for you!
    Whilst not the cheapest dinner place around, it is still considered reasonable. After all, the food is nice and it's a restaurant!

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