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  1. A Little Patch of Green in the East

    Saturday, 23 June 2012

    Sometime last week, we decided to rent a bike from Punggol Park as my boy wanted to exercise. We gave Jomando Adventure & Recreations a call before we went down to check the rates. 
    Since we only had 2 hours, we decided to take the Basic route, which takes us from from Punggol Park Connector -> Buangkok Park Connector -> Punggol Promenade -> Punggol Waterway.
    The scenery is really pretty along the way, I never knew there was this part of Punggol even though I live so near to Punggol Park. It's a new place, an awesome project to make our urban lives more bearable by introducing more greenery. Job well done! 
    The paths never cross with roads, so just enjoy a leisurely time without worrying about traffic.

    There are several benches and shades along the way for you to rest. It's a great place to walk after a meal or even just to HTHT with your partner. This place is also a great spot for picnic! Lay a mat under the tree and you can begin munching on the food you have prepared! :D
    A toilet along the pathway, interesting design and open concept, blends in really well with the surroundings. However, we only managed to see one toilet along our way. So perhaps you should clear your bladder first as soon as you see it if not you may need to walk quite a bit if you're settling down somewhere far from it.

    We spotted a nice place to chill too! It's at Tebing Lane and there's several restaurants/cafes/pubs at the area. My brother mentioned that the place is really nice to hang out with friends at night but my boy & I haven't got the chance to visit the place. Hopefully we can take some time off after work soon! (:

    We'll be sure to write a review if we do come this place. It seems to be a really nice place with potential to be totally awesome at night. Just by the riverfront, it guarantees a great view. Imagine food and beer to go. Daebak.

    We didn't manage to complete the route as some of the places are still under construction. But nevertheless, this little bit of heaven gives Singaporeans a great alternative if one is sick of the usual parks we have. Cycling is definitely going to be more popular with this upcoming place.  Who says Singapore has run out of places to go?

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