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  1. On 24 June 2012, we celebrated our 3rd year together! Still going strong through the ups and downs! Even after little fights and arguments we still stick together like UHU~
    I'm not going to share how happy I am with him, instead, we'll be sharing the places we went to celebrate the day (My boy planned it all!)! :D

    Since she has been wanting to sing more ever since the outing with my OG, and she suggested Kbox for a relaxed afternoon activity, we booked K Lunch at Hougang Plaza! Throat isn't feeling too well after a drinking session on Saturday though...
    We both enjoy singing and hence kbox is definitely a place we would visit frequently. Many many love songs... many many duets! Teoheng and the 10 dollar Chinatown KTV are good alternatives, but we haven't been able to find time to drop by.

    Promised her I would bring her to Cold Stone ever since we saw it in Taiwan and in Marina Bay Sands. Since we had time before our next activity, why not have some ice cream?
    There's always a queue when we pass by this place and we would always give it a miss. Recently, during our TW trip, I saw Coldstone at Dream Mall (Kaohsiung) and told my boy that I wanna eat it. However, my boy felt that we should save money on food so that we could spend more on shopping so... we didn't get to eat it again! D:

    My really sweet boy hence decided to bring me here on this special day to satisfy my craving! (: We queued for around 10-15min and decided on the flavour we wanted from the brochure placed near to the entrance.
    Chocolate Devotion 6 oz. $8.90 (Waffle at $1) - We loved it because we're hardcore chocolate fans.Countless mini choc chips and choc fudge mixed in the ice cream. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this combination. Ever. 
    Creme De Menthe $8.50 - 2 huge scoops of mint ice cream blended with milk and choc shavings! It's crazy sinful, and awesome nice. We're literally drinking the ice cream blend. However, it was really filling for a dessert, and makes you realllyyyy thirsty after you finish it. It would be a great order if there were more people to share with. 

    Cold Stone offers an option of choosing your own ice creams and mix ins too, albeit at a higher price. So if you do want to get creative that's the way to go. Judging from the constant crowd, hardly anything wouldn't taste good I guess.

     Third stop: Lilliputt, mini golf with no requirements whatsoever. Just plain old giggling fun.
    Lillputt is located at Big Splash (ECP), right above Sushi Tei! This place is Singapore’s first themed indoor mini golf course and allows you to explore Singapore in 18 holes as each station is modelled after familiar Singapore landmarks! No special skills, training or fitness level is required! You can come here with your family, hold a birthday event or like me, challenge your partner is this mini-golf adventure! (:
    Think my drawing is really good! :D
    ECP can be pretty inaccessible for those who don't drive. Luckily, Big Splash offers a shuttle service! (It's just next to Lilliputt)
    The friendly staff explaining to the patrons about what to expect Lilliputt!
    Our tickets and scorecard!
    The landmarks are all well-designed!
    Haw Par Villa hole
    There are even benches for you to rest while you wait for your turn! Since each course can only accommodate one player at a time...
    Famous Sentosa at the final hole!
    I bought their socks!! Socks are compulsory so do bring your own if possible. If not, you can just purchase one of their socks at $2.50 a pair.

    Lilliputt definitely brought lots of laugher for both of us! Can't wait to bring my family here the next time round! When we were here, there were several other parent/child and couple too! A place suitable for all ages! :D Do visit them here!

    Last stop: Five & Dime Eatery, fusion coolness~

    One fine day, we were driving on a street and I randomly said that 'that place' looks nice. My boy had no reaction and I didn't take note of which street we were on. So, I forgotten all about it. BUT, my boy actually remembered the name of 'that place' even though he was driving then and brought me here on our 3rd year!!! *heart melts*

    There's a private carpark for the restaurant and links to it from level 2!
    Quaint little place. I just love the decor and how the stickers are pasted on the windows. Great combination of lighting and dark wood to give a homely atmosphere.
    Apple Cider. There was a promo going on, with 3 going for $25, so why not?
    Soup of the day - Cream of corn

    The taste is slightly richer than MOS Burger's corn soup, with generous ingredients (corn, red/green bell peppers) added. The ingredients were really soft so I suppose they really cooked the soup for really long in order to make the soup so aromatic! The bread wasn't really fantastic, but the soup really made up for it.
    Yes, from my boy's classic expression, you would have guessed that the fries were really delicious! Sea salt was sprinkled over the fries which wasn't too salty. Yummy!
    Honest expression, it was supposed to be a pose with the fries but after the first bite the taste just overwhelmed me. Although the saltiness was just right for us, it might be a little too "strong" for other people (we are pretty 重口味 people). There's also a dash of herbs to add more kick to the fries.
    Cajun Chicken! The portion was generous. Underneath that chicken is some mashed potato so don't worry about your carbs. The corn is healthily seasoned, and the salad deserves special mention! Couldn't really figure out what was the dressing but it was totally AWESOME. The vegetables were really fresh and made a great side to the chicken. The chicken itself is well marinated, and the flavour of herbs was fully brought out together with the juices in the chicken.  
    My oversight led to us ordering this Mac & Cheese. Since she's vegetarian, I thought I could order this dish for her. Unfortunately, Five and Dime included lobsters in it! It's the first time I encountered this though. It's a pretty amazing combination, and don't doubt the size of the dish itself, it's quite filling with all the cheese and macaroni and huge lobster bits. Overall a belly belly satisfying dish. 

    And that's mission complete for our 3rd year! Now Smallhello will plan for my birthday in July muahahaha...
    We'll be going to BKK this weekend and will be back with our BKK travel post! Stay tuned! :D

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