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  1. A Wedding Affair: Shangri-La

    Sunday, 17 June 2012

    Wedding bells are ringing in the family! And this time it's at Shangri-La hotel down at Orange Grove road! We love going for weddings because we'll take note of things that we want to include in our wedding next time and some booboos that we hope to avoid. Well, I didn't manage to take a photo with my cousin (the groom) and his wife but still, CONGRATS! (:

    We arrived at the hotel around 7.30pm (supposedly the start of the dinner, but as usual, it got delayed) and lingered outside the ballroom. I think Shangri-La is the best hotel I've been for wedding so far. The place is really spacious and clean, though there wasn't much decorations done in the waiting area, it looks really classy.
    We only took this when the dinner was going on! (:

    The ballroom had rectangular tables towards the centre and round tables at the side. Minimalist interior design filled the ballroom and personally, I really like the chandeliers! 

    A surprise we got was the live band! The singer was absolutely awesome! She sang before the entrance of the newlyweds and during our dinner. But... All we could think about was how much it cost to have such an item arranged. So far, none of the hotels I have been to have projector screens on all four sides, which is an ideal thing for people to view videos without turning around. I guess it's impossible if one takes into account the decorations and infrastructure...

    The wedding gift (伴手礼) was rock candy, which both of us don't like. Not that the candies aren't nice, but its too sweet for our liking!

    And finally, THE FOOD! The portions for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians were served individually, so no more standing up or endless whirling of the lazy susan to get food. Plus point! I opted for vegetarian too, but had mixed feelings about the dishes.

    The appetizer which was made up of mango, spring roll, ham and some seaweed thingy. They sprinkled those gold sparkles on the veg too. If the food looks weird, it's because its basked in some sort of coloured lighting. 
     Mushroom Bisque with Asparagus! I hate mushrooms!
     Fried Fish in sweet and vinegar sauce - My fav dish! Really like the sauce and the fish tastes different from the one I usually eat. The sauce is really close to the real Sweet and Sour fish, eating this makes me wonder how they made the sauce.
     Prawns in spicy sauce with Fried Bun - I love fried bun! You don't usually get to eat fried buns in vegetarian dishes ): I don't know why, vegetarian gravy also very nice isn't it? Although I didn't really like the prawn.. which was 蒟蒻, or Konyaku as we know it.
     Fried vegetarian chicken - Nicely fried and marinated. Unfortunately we were out for a chat so when we came back it was cold, which didn't do justice to the dish.
     荷叶饭 - It was a little bland though, and a little disappointing as I was looking forward to the sort of rice ordered when eating dimsum. 
    Yam Paste - I always look forward to this dessert for every wedding dinner. My boy knows how much I would like this for my own wedding dinner! :D It's really hard to eat nice orh ni these days because it really lots of effort in making this dessert. Unless you visit those traditional teochew restaurants, the yam paste outside usually wouldn't be as smooth. I'm still thankful that I can get to eat this still even though its not fantastic because I really love orh ni! :D 

    We wish the new couple all the best in the next chapter of their lives! Now we have more ideas for our own to make it better! (without copying other people) 

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