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  1. Flora Hokkaido Part 1

    Saturday, 22 September 2012

    This was a really last minute decision to fly to Hokkaido and we only booked it during Natas. No more long haul flight till end of the year! Need a break but can't go too far? Go on a holiday to Genting! Book with iHoliday and enjoy it all from just RM68! Click here to find out more!

    Since it was a morning flight, Kerwyn drove us to the airport before going to school.
     Looking really tired because it's 8am!
    First time taking ANA! Touch screen TV! USB port available too!

     Bye SG!
    After a 7+h flight, we finally reached Tokyo!
     A ramen store near the gate of the domestic airport. The soba tasted really good but it's near $10!
    The first cheesecake I bought in Japan. Actually, it tasted more like butter cake with a layer of cheese in between. It's very soft and the butter taste is really strong! Delicious! :D
     Cute children on board the domestic flight with us! The girl slept in this position throughout our 1h 40min flight!!
    Huge snoopy at the hotel lobby! Hair in a big mess after a day of travelling!
    Slept like a pig in the hotel and woke up at 7.30am for our breakfast! Breakfast in Japan is almost the same in every hotel. I like it when they serve croissants! 
     OOTD! Sadly, not every hotel has a full length mirror like this!
     Beautiful scenery along the highway!
     First stop: Fruits Farm!
     The apples won't ready to be eaten yet even though its so red!
     The grapes, however, were ready to be eaten!!!
     REALLY SWEET AND JUICY!!! We just kept plucking because we can't bring the grapes out of the garden.
     As you can see, it's really sunny! I took off my leggings as soon as we left the farm.
     Next stop: Lake Toya!
     There would be more people in those swan boats if it was cooler!
    After some phototaking, we left for Shiraoi Ainu Village for a glimpse of the aborigines' lifestyle. Caught an insight of the lives of the aborigines of Hokkaido through their houses, embroideries and weavings. 
     Got invited up the stage to do some dance with them!
    Last stop: Jigokudani AKA Hell Valley. A sulphurous valley with boiling ponds and steaming streams. 
    The day ended with a night at Noboribetsu where we had our first onsen. Stay tuned! :D

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