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  1. Kite Festival!

    Sunday, 9 September 2012

    Over the weekend, there was Kite Festival at the Promontory! We're not a big fan of flying kite because we have never succeeded in flying one ): We got our kite 2-3 years ago but somehow, the string just tangles up whenever we attempt to fly a kite. Also, the wind would always be on our side when we're fixing our kite but when we start the activity, the wind would die down...... Anyways more about the event. It's an annual event organized by an agent, this year by Act 3, and I believe it's sponsored by NTUC Income since there are always orange kites with NTUC printed on it flying around.
    We'll be back at the Promenade in 5 weeks for Nike Run!! :D
    Wonderful evening for kite flying! The weather was really good this year. And if memory serves me correctly they also increased the "official" area for kite flying to accommodate more people since kite flying is gaining popularity in Singapore.
    Several performances going on! They've invited numerous street artistes to perform and entertain the non kite flying crowd. Many of the artistes are foreigners, sweating it out in Singapore's weather to give a good show for everybody.
    We've been walking around town on a mission to get me a new necklace, but I haven't got one yet! D: It seems like it isn't the season to get a necklace because there isn't much discounts going on at Citigems, SK... The best one we've seen so far is from Swarovski, but Sheena and I each like a design and aren't able to come to a conclusion which to get. Also, it's cheaper to get in Europe which we'll be touring soon! Headache~! 
    Oh wells, other than the haze, it was a lovely evening spent by the Promenade (: Watch my boy transform into Godzilla and swallow the skyline! We hope to be back next year with our very own kite and letting it soar! 

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