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  1. Sentosa's 40th Birthday!

    Wednesday, 5 September 2012

    In 1972, the sunny island came to become a holiday, and on the 1st of September, they are celebrating Sentosa's 40th birthday! 
    There was free admission for all on that day to Sentosa, and for those born in 1972, be sure to check out Sentosa's promotions! You get free admission till 30th September so be sure not to miss it.

    Firstly we went to Marche at Vivo for our dinner. Had our fav ROSTI! We joked that if I ever cook this standard, we'll not step into Marche ever. We also had cream pasta and joked again that if Kerwyn ever cooks this standard, I wouldn't eat carbonara elsewhere. We tried Potato Gratin for the first time and it was a disappointment. I felt that it was too bland and there were onions inside which totally don't like. Left the entire dish for Kerwyn to finish. 

    We walked along Sentosa Boardwalk where there was a flea going on. It was titled Flea for Good because a portion of the sales proceed would go to charity so its really meaningful. Over 100 stalls were featured, but we didn't buy any thing because we're on a budget!
    We both went through the monorail times... Feel so old...
    Really nice view along the boardwalk!
    We walked passed the hotel area and realized it changed so much over a year! We never knew there was an Astons there! Sentosa was really crowded every where we went!
     This guy was performing some stunts with the hula hoop and he's really good. Its a really heavy hoop to take his weight, he can even spin whilst bracing himself against the hoop while the hoops spins. 
    Crowd pleasers with his spinning stunts
    His abs and biceps were no joke!
    And at 8.30pm, it was what everyone was waiting for - The Grand Finale! A rousing display lit up the Merlion Tower and transformed the majestic 37m icon into a digital canvas. Video images of Sentosa's history was projected onto its facade. It's our first time, (and many others) seeing the Merlion itself being lit up in multicolour.
     The vibrant finale culminated in a fireworks display!
    We then quickly rushed off for the Crane Dance which started at 9pm. Its at the Sentosa end of the Boardwalk, just outside RWS. There's a nice spectator stand for people to sit but since it was so crowded we just stood at the back. 
    We found this more meaningful than the Songs of the Sea as well as the lighting display at MBS. It's about two cranes finding true love in each other, and how they got together!
    Ending off with yet another fireworks! (: This show happens every night except Tuesdays so it's really easy to catch it. 

    We're going to wait for Halloween, and there'll be incentives for us to visit USS or Sentosa for their yearly Spooktacular!

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