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  1. Flora Hokkaido Part 3

    Wednesday, 26 September 2012

    We began the day to the most romantic town in Japan! In the 1920s, when the shipping industry was flourishing, the canal shown in the background was built to transport cargo to and from warehouses. 
    Now, it's the most picturesque canal within the region!
    Sadly, the weather was really warm ): The tour guide said that it's hardly so warm in Hokkaido.

    Tower clock!
    There are many shops in the area that sell musical boxes, crystal ware and glassware.
    Otaru Music Box Museum - Lots of crafted music boxes, picture frames and toys.
    Across the street, you'll see this cafe which the tour guide recommended. For every drink you buy, you'll get to bring the cup back! Each drink is ~$10!! Quite expensive hor?
     Lil shops along the street...
    Entered LeTao - a pastry shop as we sampled some chocolate product outside the shop. Sampled more stuff in the shop and we ended up buying a cheesecake and the chocolate product! Ate another cup of green tea ice cream before boarding the bus. Hee.. I know, I'm eating alot right? XD
    Travelled down to Sounkyo Gorge, situated at the foot of Mt Daisetsuzan National Park. It is created by dramatic columnar cliffs, lined with the couple waterfall - 'Milky Way Falls' and 'Shooting Star Falls'. During winter, the left one would be frozen while the right one wouldn't. Gorgeous view isn't it?
     Cute Japanese children!
    Yummy matcha cake for dessert! 
    The day ended with another relaxing spring water hot bath! :D

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