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    Sunday, 16 September 2012

    Since Sheena's away on a holiday, I decided to work on the blog. For those of you who didn't realize, the previous template died totally, and now's the time for a complete makeover.

    Firstly the template. It's a sweet looking template with a touch of a 50's diner called Liquorice, from blogskins or somewhere. Kudos to the author! I did some touch up since I wanted to customize it more. Lots of code to look through T-T 

    Secondly the Flash. Previous background was an opaque white, which looks really ugly on the current blog, so I made the background transparent, and changed the title font to look more compatible with the current design. *Edit: Removed for now since font isn't displaying correctly.

    As time goes by, I'll make improvements! Next thing to work on would be the title bar and stuff... Gotta take a break from all this coding.

    So what have we been up to? Well we're planning to run the We Run SG10 k organized by Nike in October. 
    Wanna run too? Do register before it's too late!

    So this just means that both of us need to start running. To aid us, we decided to get two nifty armbands to store our phones when we jog!
    Both of them are from Gmarket. Material wise it's polyurethane kind of feel, soaks up your sweat but dries pretty quickly. After each work out just remember to rinse well with water and soap and leave to dry, preferable in the sun. The blue one fits my iPhone4 easily whereas the red one has a little bit of a problem if you try to put in an iPhone 4 with its hard cover case. So do get the upsized one if you're in doubt.

    While going out for a jog, it's great to have a pacer. Next time round we would be doing a review on the two apps which are currently quite popular. Nike Run +, and Runkeeper. So stay tuned!

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