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  1. Flora Hokkaido Part 2

    Monday, 24 September 2012

    Realized that I left out a stop in the previous post, and that is... The Bear Ranch!
    We fed bears apples and cookies by throwing them down.
    These bears would wave to you so that you'll throw the food items to them and they are so good at catching them, even though the cookies are so small! 
     Fascinated by how these bears behave!
     There's even cookie slots and the bears just sit there and wait! 
     Volcano outside the bear ranch!
     We stayed a night at Noboribetsu and had our first onsen experience! Changed into yutaka as it's easier to strip off at the onsen. Kerwyn says that I look good in it! Hee.. (:
     Dinner before onsen!
    Took a walk outside the hotel to digest.

    No photos of the onsen as cameras are not allowed since everyone needs to be nude in the pool. The onsen was great! Different types of pools with different temperatures, both indoor and outdoor pools. The place was really well-maintained and clean. Washed myself thoroughly before dipping inside the pool for around half hour. Bathed with HORSE OIL products. I never heard of such product before but apparently it's really good. And indeed, my hair was so so smooth after using it (I bought 6 bottles back)! There was facial products for you to use too, and it's not those cha chad kind lor... Biore foam, Kose and some Japanese hair treatment product. Loved it there~!! :D

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