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  1. Long long time ago, when we had brunch at Riders, I noticed a banner which stated that there would be a horse fair on 9 Sept, and... It's free admission!!! So, we decided to pop by! :D
    There were many cars coming in and we had to park our car on a slope. I was making lots of sounds as Kerwyn was trying to park his car properly and he kept asking me to shush! Haha! It's fortunate that we arrived about 15 before 11 because later cars had to go up steep slopes and I wasn't sure if my dad's Hyundai could take it. Most cars which came were 4WDs which had no issues. 
    Right at the entrance, there were 2 horses welcoming us and the lady was braiding the horse's hair! The horse would be participating in a dressage competition!
     So cute~!!
     Horsey trying to sniff Kerwyn's hand! The horse just kept flashing it's teeth at the camera.
     Me refusing to touch it because I was scared!
    Horses jumping competition! They were all really good riders as far as I could tell. Only one rider tripped her horse and the horse sort of panicked. It's a timed event, so she just went again. The applause from the spectators was no less encouraging than that for the other riders. What spirit!
     The riders look really cool!
     All the rare dogs out for a walk which we seldom see.
    2 very obedient goldies!! They just kept looking around together in coordinated motion, just so adorable!
    As we walked out, Kerwyn managed to convince me to touch my own species (my zodiac sign is a horse too)! LOL.
    It was a nice sunny half a day spent at BTSC. We left halfway and it's unfortunate that it started raining later that day, but we think the event was still a whopping success! Meanwhile, stay tuned to my Hokkaido trip updates! (: 

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