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  1. Just before departure...

    Thursday, 20 September 2012

    I'm back!! :D Other than the weather, Hokkaido was fun! Will do up the posts soon because there's 1000+ photos! By the way... Grab your free 120ml bottle of Vaseline UV Lightening here (See visibly lighter skin in as early as 2 weeks with it)!!  

    Just before I flew, I had a gathering with my cousins at Red Dot - Dempsey. It was my first time there! I hardly visit Dempsey since the food there isn't that cheap. 
    Some of my cousins were late, and since I've got nothing to do... It's cam whore time! Hee...
    Brewing equipment at the front of the restaurant!
    They have both indoor and outdoor seatings. Sat outdoor as my cousin said it's much more cooler.
    Ordered a tower of green beer to begin the night! It is brewed and lagered with European-manufactured spirulina to giv it a unique colour and a whiff of fresh fragrance. It's really smooth! (:
    Mediterranean Pizza ($17) to share. Generous toppings with a really crispy crust! YummY!!
     Spaghetti Carbonara ($18) - Not the best I've eaten but it's still quite nice. Love the egg taste!!
    Whisky Chocolate Melt Cake ($15) - Saw reviews online that recommended this dessert but it was quite disappointing. The whisky taste was quite mild which was different from what I wanted. It tastes like the usual chocolate lava cake, so as a fan of chocolate, I still do love it!! 
    Creme Brulee with a single scoop of pistachio ice cream ($20) - My brother and I both felt that the dessert wasn't well done. The custard wasn't nice... :/

    The night ended with zero group photo!!! ):

    The following day, I met up with my besties for brunch at Tampines! Dropped by my GF's place first because I miss her dog!
    Say Hi to Kyuubi~! 
    This dog loves it when there's friends over at the house!
    Simple brunch at Tampines Round Market before one flies to Aussieland, and the other to Hokkaido and one stays in SG! Our school term starts in 4 days! Gonna see each other more often! :D

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