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  1. Buffet Lunch at Quality Hotel

    Tuesday, 14 August 2012

    It's Mummy's 54th birthday!
    I know Mummy doesn't look 54 years old, she wears my clothes and follows the fashion trend very well! Love my pretty omma~! :D

    My family decided to have buffet lunch at Quality Hotel to celebrate Mummy's birthday. It isn't our first visit there and I miss the carrot cake!
    It's not our first time at Quality Hotel. Sheena brought me here once because I have never eaten a vegetarian buffet! See what I've got on the left? It's vegetarian sashimi, and it tastes about 90% similar to the real thing, by my standards, that's pretty damn impressive. Be sure to make reservations about 2-3 days in advance as this place is usually packed on weekends.
    荷叶包 - My dad ate them before I could try but he said it was nice just that there could be more sauce so that it isn't so dry.
    Lots of variety available, from jap food (salmon, sushi, tempura...) to dim sum (carrot cake, bao, bean curd roll...)! As mentioned, the carrot cake is really awesome! Sheena and I ate at least 10 pieces between us. In fact, we are always disappointed if the carrot cake isn't available when we go there for buffet.
    There's your usual fried beehoon which tastes really good by my mum's review. They have curry, tau kua and lots of other small dishes which really complements the staples. In the right picture, you can see chicken rice on the top, which deserves a mention as well because it's really nice. You'd have to get it from a counter though.
    The Laksa is really yummy as well, shared ~3 bowls with Kerwyn! Haven't had such good laksa for really long. And... There's LOK LOK too! Love the fishballs!
    Was really full that I didn't even eat ice cream that was available at the restaurant. ~$25 per pax for the buffet, so must eat GAO GAO!

    Whilst this is not the most couply place, it does serve pretty good vegetarian buffet. So if you're foodies like us, and would like to try vegetarian for a change, do pop by Quality Hotel. You'd definitely be impressed if you're not a seasoned vegetarian eater. 

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