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  1. Happy National Day!

    Saturday, 11 August 2012

    How did you spend your national day? It's Singapore's 47th birthday this year, and being on a Thursday, many people would have taken the chance to get a super long weekend! Well for us, we just sort of bummed around at home, had a mahjong session in the afternoon, and waited for the highlight of the night! Fireworks!
    Kerwyn's aunt was really nice to invite us to her 28th storey apartment in Balestier, where we could view the fireworks from the living room! The unit had a uninterrupted view angle of close to 270 degrees, so we could see all the night lights around!
    At 7:50 pm! The first fireworks went off in the background!
    Apologies for the poor image quality, since we are not professional video/photographers =)
    Another self shot with the city in the background!
    My aunt also prepared lots of food to entertain us and the many other guests (most of whom are my relatives). Other than chilli crabs and yummy dishes which we didn't try since we arrived late, there was Lao Ban Tauwhey and the really nice cheese sticks as shown above!

    I really love the cheese sticks so much! It's really soft and fluffy, not like those cheapo ones. Bought at Hokkaido fair, would be going on a hunt to find out the source of this cheesestick! It's a definite must get for us!

    Sadly, due to poor attendance, the picnic has been postponed but still stay tuned for our little adventures!

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