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  1. Om nom nom: Curry Cheese Baked Rice

    Wednesday, 15 August 2012

    If you remember our previous post where we went to JCube for lunch before popping by BioRhythm at the Science Centre. There's this 茶餐厅, or HongKong style cafe called Kungfu Paradies, and one of the dishes was their Babe, or curry cheese baked rice. 
    We really missed it, and since it didn't seem all that hard, why not try it at home? The process is relatively simple. This dish requires an oven as well oven safe dishes. We decided to skip the process of preparing the curry ourselves, so we went to get those ready made Japanese curry packs available at any supermarket. Since this was going to be a vegetarian dish, we decided to add some Champignons for some 口感, or crunchy feel. 

    The ingredients needed are...
    • Rice (Japanese or Normal, by preference)
    • Cheese (Grated, Mozarella or Parmesan, we aren't really picky when it comes to cheese)
    • Champignons
    • Vegetarian chicken cutlet
    • 1 large egg
    We have two versions. I added Cheesedale Cheese to mine to make it more cheesy whilst Sheena's just had plain Mozarella. To be truthful, there wasn't much difference. 
    My friends commented that it so doesn't look vegetarian, BUT IT IS! Though we just had it over the weekend, we're already craving for it because it tasted so awesome. Think we just might be making this for lunch again really soon =)

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