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  1. On a particular afternoon, we decided to embark on a little adventure. After seeing so many people post up pictures taken on the now defunct railway of Singapore, we were tempted to give it a try too! 
    I saw a Yahoo news article about Tanjong Pagar Railway station having The Gift of Time exhibition by Hermes, and a cafe that is initiated by a local lifestyle magazine which lasts till 12th August, so we thought, why not take this chance to explore?
    Our first stop was the Tanjong Pagar station itself. I only took a train from here once, all the way to KL, and it was an interesting experience. However I must say it's really weird to be back at a place where you know was once functional, where people actually went to and fro about their businesses, now only left as a heritage site. Makes you feel really old.
     Kerwyn commented that the place now is really different from before (and he doesn't really like it!)
    The 'Gift of Time' exhibition features a circularwalk-through display in celebration of time and the history of Hermès. We didn't really plan to come to this exhibition, partly because we were both art nuts, knowing nothing about appreciation. But since there was no entrance fee, why not?
     We are taken on a artistic journey through time to revisit milestones in Hermès history. Helpful explanations were given by the respective tour guides in different rooms.
    A giant top rotates slowly at an angle, always keeping its balance, signifying the concept of balancing time. 
    We tried walking in an anticlockwise direction whilst keeping our hand on the yellow wall, having the optical illusion of the top spinning faster and having the velvet wall stimulating our senses!
    The artist combines a wide range of talents in his work, synergising scenography, poetry, paintings, photography and films to create a vibrant and whimsical world. The left picture shows a pendulum, and the effect of time on leather. The bag on the left is from 1920 whilst the one on the right is from the 90s. Contemporary designs!
     Old school~! Me holding my favourite snack! They were overpriced though...
     The weather was too hot for us to camwhore!
    Trying to be artistic after an artsy exhibition! :D

    Stay tuned for our railway adventure!

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