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  1. WineBar plus Merry Men

    Sunday, 19 August 2012

    We went WineBar to drink!!
    It was a pity there was an event going on, so we weren't able to get Citibank chop. Fortunately, 1 for 1 was still on at wine bar. First a Mojito for us, then an Erdinger. There wasn't a crowd until about close to 1030, and that's when we had to leave because the people who reserved the table we were sitting at, arrived. Came back later in the night for more drinks because my girl had to have her fav Jagerbomb!

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    Since I was craving for some food, we decided to pop by Merry Men for our favourite favourite Truffle Fries! ($10 for a mess tin's worth).  It's something that we both love so much, and sorry for the lack of pictures! Merry Men deserves its own separate detailed review which we will get down to some time in the future! 

    Saw my secondary school friends Clarence and Dehui, had a few go's at Five Ten and a few drinks. Dh said I had the edge, but it's probably just because I drank less. He was still talking about old time's sake, and that sick Bacardi tray shot we had at Clarence's house. Ah the good old times...
    She still has 2.5 years in Aussie, and she's only staying for only a week in SG. Did a lil catching up by the river and glad that she's coping alright in Aussie! JYJY Jiemei! (:

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