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  1. Visit to Sentosa

    Saturday, 4 August 2012

    It's the orientation period! Kerwyn has been busy with his hall's FOC because he's the chairperson and he needs to oversee many things. It's finally the last day~!! :D He texted me saying that he missed my cooking so I decided to prepare lunch and find him at Sentosa while his hall have their beach activities. Looking at them having so much fun really makes me miss my JC orientation! I wanna be a freshie too!

    Anyway, weather was great when I arrived but... it started to rain a lil bit then it stopped and after lunch, suddenly, the rain was sooooo heavy!!! The wind was really strong and we were freezing in the shelter! ): Don't understand why the weather is not on my side whenever I'm suppose to get a sunny day!
    Thankfully, it stopped raining so that I can spend some time with my boy while the freshies have their amazing race. Oh wells, I guess we would be visiting Sentosa again because...

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