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  1. Teppanyaki!!!

    Friday, 3 August 2012

    Last weekend, I prepared Teppanyaki for Kerwyn because how good can the food be in camp isn't it? No lah, actually its because I've been saying I wanna prepare this for him since CNY (hurhur... i know right...) but I tu~ until now...
    We actually had our teppanyaki on Saturday but my mum thought we didn't eat so she prepared teppanyaki again on Sunday!
    Most important thing that I have to prepare: Chilli! My boy likes to eat mix stuff with chilli so here's a special chilli sauce! Sambal chilli + Chilli padi + Lime + Dark soya sauce! It's really spicy but shiok~!!
    Salted butter is like a must have for teppanyaki! We ate like 150g of butter!!! Fattening but it makes everything yummy!!
     Vegetable soup with lots of egg tofu!!
    Different kind of mushrooms!! I must say I've never eaten so much mushrooms for a meal before but they taste so good with butter, especially golden mushroom!!
     Vegetarian ingredients! 
    Looks yummy hor? Can't wait for the next teppanyaki session~! :D

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