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    Wednesday, 29 August 2012

    Sorry for the lack of updates!

    Here's one that just took place yesterday!
    This is the first time there's a tea reception held for those who qualify for the Dean's list! And since guests are invited, Kerwyn brought me along! (:
    It was held at Theatre @ The Nest (I think) and there were other faculties present too (i.e. Sociology, Psychology...).
     My boy looking great~!!
     Good job! Well done! Keep it up!
    Kerwyn has always been doing well in his studies. Though he's not a dean lister for Aerospace Engineering, his GPA is still quite high for it! JYJY!!!
    The tea reception was too crowded that we went back to hall for my fav CLAYPOT NOODLES! Even though my appetite was poor, I managed to eat half of it because its so yummy!!! :D
    Rested in Kerwyn's room while he continues with our UK trip itinerary! Planning for UK free and easy is no joke but we're doing well because friends have been giving us some help on where to go especially Kerwyn's primary school friends! (:

    Hope to update soon!
    P.S.: Kerwyn is going to buy me a necklace because I lost mine at work (long story and it isn't my fault)!

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