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  1. We had a great time at Tanjong Pagar Station, but we wanted more, that is to take pictures on the tracks themselves! There are two spots in Singapore which have the signature railway bridge, and we headed down to Sunset Way first, where the bridge spans a canal. 
    At Sunset Way we found this Western cafe - Rocky's Pizza! A neighbourhood pizza outlet located in Clementi, with some homely decor to boot. There wasn't anybody as it was till a weekday, so we had a quiet time together!
    Alfredo - We hardly eat Alfredo as we prefer the egg taste in carbonara. The serving is pretty generous, at $9.50, it could fill a growling stomach of a guy! So Kerwyn had no problems finishing it.
    We didn't have problems with the pasta, but the pizza is HUGE. At 12 inches, it could easily feed a couple. We didn't expect the serving of the pasta to be so large, hence we had trouble with the pizza. However, the pizza trumps the pasta. It's a thin crust pizza, which is a prerequisite for us as we don't really like Pizza Hut style crusts. But it isn't so thin that you feel like you're eating a biscuit. The toppings were really generous too. Just imagine the overall thickness of a slice is comparable to a Pizza Hut pizza, but most of it is topping instead. At 22.90, it isn't the cheapest pizza out there, but it's definitely value for money. If there was anything to make us return to Rocky's, it would be their pizza.
    The abandoned railway at Sunset Way
    I was really scared because the bridge was over the canal and it's really high. I kept whining on how scared I was and was really on the verge of giving up... but we saw how a bunch of children just crossed the bridge so normally that I didn't wanna turn back. Grabbing on tightly to Kerwyn's hands, we finally crossed the bridge after a good 10 min struggle! Poor boy got red marks on his wrists!

    If you want to visit this place, there is an easier route instead of parking at Sunset Way then walking.
    The route in red is the one we took. You can park around 108/109 area, and walk over. However, this route involve scaling a steep slope, and having to squeeze into a small hole. An alternative route (which we found when we crossed and exited), is parking at block 305 area opposite the bank. From here, you can just take a path onto the tracks, and the walk northeast towards the bridge. Here a nice door is open for you to walk onto the bridge.
     Bukit Timah Railway Station
    We're finally here at our final stop! Saw so many people visiting this place on facebook but we've never been here before!! Happy couple camwhoring under the sun!

    This is a much more accessible, and it should be, since it is preserved as a heritage site. You can just drive along Dunearn road and turn into Rifle Range road, and you'll be right next to the bridge. Easy peasy compared to the bridge at Sunset Way.

    So if you guys are feeling up for an adventure and/or wish to explore some of Singapore's heritage sites do pop by these places! You never know when they will disappear..

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