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  1. Moving back to Hall!

    Thursday, 9 August 2012

    School is starting for Kerwyn! Went hall to clean his room because the room gets really dirty when it has been empty for 3 months. So before we went hall, we went over to Ikea to get some stuff to decorate the room. A room its only nicer when you add some homely stuff inside! Hee~ Spent $50 to get some really cute stuff! :D
    The room was in a total mess because I had a 5-day camp and didn't have time to clean it beforehand. We brought it all the necessary stuff today, mop, anti-septic spray, cloths, pails, stereo, files and the list goes on. From top to bottom, Sheena and I cleaned everything at least twice before we started decorating the room.
    TA-DAH~!! So clean and tidy! Awesome work with Kerwyn! Actually, I did most of the stuff because I have my own standards and Kerwyn can't match up to mine! Haha! =P
    Here's what we've got from Ikea. Heart-shaped rug, CUTE HOR? :D Can't believe that Kerwyn agreed to get it! Hee... He says that putting such item in the room will remind him of me whenever he sees it! Bought a purple pillow too because I like the colour and it's really soft! (:
    The study table which isn't filled with my notes and food yet! Grocery shopping with Sheena soon! The lovey dovey corner! Filled with happiness~! :D

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