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  1. Dinner at Aljunied!

    Friday, 31 August 2012

    Some time back, we had dinner at Aljunied - Ci Hang Western and Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant. Actually, it's more like a cafe than a restaurant. You can't make a reservation and it's always so crowded when we visit it! The carpark there is also usually really full, but we're always manage to get a lot within 10 min! :D
    This is the first time we order the chicken nuggets 盐酥鸡, and the reason we ordered it was because we really miss the ones we had in Tai Chung. I'm a non vegetarian myself, and I definitely found the texture of the nuggets to be really similar to that of real chicken fillets. So don't worry, it's not those starchy kind and it's more delicious. It was a lil disappointing cos it's really different from the one we had in TW. It's still nice and crispy just not the kind we're looking for. 

    As for the curry fish with rice, I love curry quite a bit, and I often prefer fish curry to chicken curry at roti prata places. Although this dish is vegetarian, it's taste is very close to that of a real fish curry, which I absolutely love. That's why I ordered this dish. There's rice and crackers, and the only downside of this dish is that there are only two pieces of fish, which makes it hardly filling, and that's why we had nuggets too.
    I've been eating chicken chop since I was in Secondary school? The best western vegetarian cafe in my opinion. I like how crispy the outer layer is, but the inside (according to Kerwyn), its very chicken-ish! Haha. The serving is really huge so it's really worth the $$!

    Do visit it at 72 Lorong 25A Geylang Singapore 388256!

    It's the weekend, and we'll be visiting Comex to look for the canon pink printer that we saw at Sim Lim Square. Hopefully they have it! 

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