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  1. Bangkok: Showdown Day 2

    Friday, 6 July 2012

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    We woke up at 8.30am and headed to Level 2 for our breakfast!
     My fav breakfast combi at hotels - Cereal, Bread and Omelette!
     The chinese food served was almost the same for the next 2 days. No vege option! ): The noodles and rice were fried with garlic!
     The hotel served You Tiao alike snack and its really yummy especially after you toast it!

    First stop of the day: Siam Paragon
    There is free shuttle available at Baiyoke Boutique to Siam Paragon. The bus comes hourly from 10am onwards. You would need to walk over to Baiyoke Sky Hotel to wait for the bus. It leaves on time, so be there punctually or you'll have to wait another hour.

    Within half hour (with traffic), you would arrive at Siam Paragon which offers a wide range of specialty stores and restaurants as well as a multiplex movie theater. It is next to Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center and opposite Siam Square. These shopping malls sells things that are more expensive than Chatuchak and Platinium, catering to the higher class. If you're lucky, there are some items that are selling at around 400 Baht when there's sales going on. If you're on a tight budget you could probably give this place a miss.
    Outside Siam Paragon!

    MBK Center that is another tourist spot is also nearby! The MBK Center is very popular amongst tourists, particularly Western tourists. You can find loads of singlets, tshirts, males undies and traditional Thai clothes on the higher floors. There's also a Ikea alike store - Index Living Mall there too!
    We had lunch at MBK as we spotted a nice food court - The Fifth Food Avenue. The payment method is similar to the one at Marche - where you receive a card upon entry and you'll use it to pay for the food you order inside the food court; payment will be made at the exit.
    Most food courts here require a prepaid card which can be gotten at the counter. It somewhat works like Marche. Satisfying my green curry craving, is this green curry chicken with funky looking rice!
     Mixed veg curry and stir fried noodles for me!
    I have no idea why their noodles are bee hoon?? Also due to language barriers, the staff doesn't really understand me when I asked them about yellow noodles too... 

    After lunch, we left for Chatuchak again as we did not finish the place the day before. This time round, we alighted at Mo Chit station (Exit 1). You can see Chatuchak immediately when you exit from the train, the crowd is crazy!
    Here's some cute pouches that I bought from Chatuchak for my girlfriends!

    The glass bottle Fanta which has gone extinct in Singapore.
    In the middle of Chatuchak there's this waffle store. It's hard to find, but follow the smell if you can find it, it's what attracted us in the first place.
    Personal Fav - Chocolate!! Freshly made! :D
    My brother recommended us this - Frozen Banana!
    It's hard, so you really need to bite! I had trouble eating because of my braces but still, I love it!

    Chatuchak is only open on weekends, and we spent about 2 days to cover the entire market. It's great if you get a spacious backpack for you to dump your shopping in it rather than carrying several plastic bags. This makes it easier to move around too. The alleys within Chatuchak can be rather narrow and although you see people using trolley bags, it seems quite difficult to maneuver it so we don't really recommend it.

    Dinner was again at Thonkrueng (refer to previous post) before we headed back to our hotel. We had foot scrub at one of the massage parlour (Issey) near our hotel. Their foot scrub (250 Baht) is quite interesting! After applying some gel-alike substance, they started to remove the dead skin on our feet using a peeler! Guys would benefit from this the most? Comparing the amount of dead skin from my feet and my boy's one, it's really a HUGE difference! Our feet were really smooth after the session! 
    The cute lady helping my boy to remove his dead skin

    Other than foot scrub, they do offer foot reflexology, head/shoulders massage and manicure/pedicure! Do avoid their mani/pedi! They don't have professional nail polishes (i.e. no OPI, China Glaze...) and neither do they have a dryer! 

    They're opened daily from 9am - 1am, and do book in advance or else, you may need to wait for around half an hour, depending on the crowd. 

    Stay tuned for our hellos from Day 3 and 4 of BKK!

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