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    Wednesday, 11 July 2012

    As the saying goes "The way to a man's heart, is through his stomach". And definitely true for me! Luckily, Smallhello is a wonderful cook as well as an avid baker! Western, Chinese, Japanese styles of vegetarian cooking, cookies, cakes, pastries are also under her belt! We are by no means lacking in terms of gastronomical delight in our lives.

    Since we seldom see each other during school term, she tries her best to cook for me every weekend! And even though I always suggest the same old dishes, she insists on cooking new ones! Some of the "repeated" dishes are...
    Fried rice and Bee Tai Mak
    A combination of dishes which increases your appetite for rice! Breaded fried fish on the top left, tom yum on the top right, marinated chicken on the bottom left and the last one a combination of fish slices, egg tofu, and curry vegetables!

    Some of the more epic dishes whipped up on special events like monthsaries include...
    A lot of hard work and creativity put into a Japanese set meal!
    Pizza and Potato Gratin

    I have a role to play in that pizza too! Isn't it hard to believe that all these dishes are actually vegetarian? Well they are, and pretty delicious too! Since young she has been obligated to cook, and that's why she has experience in this area, and she enjoys it too. As mentioned, she doesn't just enjoy cooking but baking too! She continuously searches for recipes online and modifies it to suit my taste. Birthdays, anniversaries, or even when I just have a craving, a cake, cookie is definitely going to show up.

    Heart shaped Nutella cookies modelled after Milano's and Choc Chip Cookies!
    Viennese Fingers Dipped in Choc and Oreo Cheesecake
    Last but not least, Molten lava baby cake and Milo Doggie Biscuits

    All these goodies only come with one undesirable side effect - weight gain! Nevertheless I'm super lucky to have a capable chef/baker/patissier in my life! Om nom nom will never be a problem =) 

    PS: If you want recipes, use formsprings to ask us your questions!

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