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  1. The Heroine in My Life~

    Tuesday, 17 July 2012

    Here's a special post! It will only be in blue as its for the heroine of my life! Who is none other than....
    She has a tiny heart. Not just in the physical sense (her fist is really quite small) but also in terms of bravery! She's scared of insects, loud sounds, reptiles, mushrooms, black food items, fish, the cold, heights, and many more. So it's no wonder that it's really difficult for her to enjoy the great outdoors.
    However there was a time when we had a school outing with my hostel mates to Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir. It was a high element obstacle course and obviously she had a big mental battle to fight, but she came along to show support for me. It was tough even for me (in certain obstacles, quite a bit of upper body power had to be utilized) so I thought it would be impossible for her. Especially so since each individual had to clear the course using his or her own abilities without help from others except encouragement.

    We did fine throughout the course, as we were never more than one obstacle apart and I could continuously guide her through verbally. However there was the final part which posed the biggest problem - a 6 foot free fall jump from a platform and grabbing onto a rope ladder. I have my own fear of free falls as well, and I never expected her to complete this one. Yet she mustered all she had and jumped! I couldn't believe my eyes, but as she turned back to look at me from the rope ladder, I saw the sense of satisfaction in her eyes, that she did it even against her numerous fears and trepidations. 

    For a pint sized girl like her with her fear of heights and many other things, being able to complete the entire Forest Adventure course really made her the bravest girl that day, and I'm so proud of her! And that's why I took her to USS to challenge the Cyclon and Human rollercoaster, but that's another story for another time...

    So what movie's coming up recently that revolves around the bravery of girls?

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