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  1. Dental again!

    Tuesday, 31 July 2012

    It's my first time going for dental without Kerwyn and today I was at dental for another tooth extraction! I had 2 extracted last last Friday and it was so so sore for a week. So this time round, I made sure I had a full lunch before I went for dental.
     And, I had KOI!! 
     It was my brother who got it for me! Yays!! :D
    Had subway for lunch with my brother before I went to the clinic. The thing about going to private dentist, there's always a waiting time. I waited for at least 45min before it was my turn ): The session was really quick because my dentist is very zai! Apparently most of my friends had their teeth extraction before they put on their braces? Mine is the total opposite but oh wells, I trust my dentist!
    3 teeth extracted! Can't wait for the gap to close up! 
    Got a pink mask from the dentist so that my bloody gauze wouldn't be exposing! Next appointment in a month! :D

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