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  1. Food for Thought

    Sunday, 22 July 2012

    Settled for dinner at Food for Thought and the place was really crowded. There was a sign saying that they're full house and the waiting time was 40 min! So, do make sure you make your reservations in advance!

    Situated just beside the NTUC Trade Union house, parking is no problem as you can either park by the roadside, or at NTUC Trade Union house, or at Hotel Royal Queens ($3 per entry after 5pm).
    The place has a modern, cozy feel to it. Some artificial flower pots dangle from the ceiling and they have a nice lighting feature with lightbulbs inside glass bottles suspended from the ceiling. Apparently the philosophy for Food for Thought is about the Earth and the people, so they're going big on recycling as well as helping the poor. A portion of their profits go to feeding the starving! $20 meal helps to feed a person for a month, so it's all for a good cause!
    I like how the plants are hanging down! And the minimalistic clock is so cool! Just a little confusing when the shadow forms a third hand...
    This is one of the visions of Food for Thought! Part of the earnings will be donated to world vision. Isn't it great that you can enjoy your meal and do a good deed at the same time? (:
    I got Basil Almond Pesto Chicken Linguine ($14) with additional pasta at $2. It was well worth it with the extra pasta and I had no problems finishing it because it was so tasty. The chicken bits were nothing special. But the pesto and the sauce were the highlights of this dish. Usually I require some cheese to go along with my pasta but definitely no in this case as the herbs' flavour was good on its own. I'll be back to try other pastas! 
    Pepper Thyme flavoured Fries - Personally I prefer shoe string fries as there is more surface area for seasonings to get stuck to it, and it wouldn't be too potato-ish. The servings were really generous though, and it wouldn't be a problem if 4 people decided to share it as sides. We did have problems finishing it as we didn't expect the portion to be so large. However the thyme and pepper made it quite tasty. If they offered fries in smaller cuts it would be perfect.
    Potato Gratin with Broccoli - The sauce is really nice, but it would be better if it was macaroni instead. Its like overload of potatoes since we had fries too. Personally, I prefer Delifrance's potato gratin as there's less potatoes and more cheese.
    Ending off with our new couple tee from BKK, isn't it cute? Mr & Mrs! :D 
    Food for thought is definitely a great place for some casual dining and gathering with friends. In fact, you can continue the night by popping over to Switch, an Timbre initiative which features a bi-lingual line up for songs. Be sure to check these places out!

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