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    Monday, 16 July 2012

    Nespray, Milo, Nescafe, Maggi... the list just never ends. Hardly anyone grew up without ever coming into contact with a Nestlé product, or at least hardly anyone we know. It's probably so common in our lives that no one really notices it. But there it is, and it has grown with us through the years, having numerous improvements made to the brands under Nestlé, and will continue to do so.
    In order to improve, feedback is required! Recently Nestlé has released an application called iFeedback.   We downloaded it on our iPhones to give feedback on a product that we both love, and I'm sure many of you do too - MILO!
    Ever since our discovery of the Australian recipe version of Milo, we've been crazy about it. It's richer and creamier, that it can be consumed all on its own! No need for additional sugar, milk, just plain old Milo. We really hope they adopt this as the mainstream Milo product and make it the same price, although we're not really sure if that's possible...

    I drink Milo everyday! Milo is a great combination with many food products. Long long time ago, when I'm still a toddler, my mum would prepare Milo with Nestum as my breakfast because she knew that both food products contain essential vitamins for my growth and she wouldn't need to force me to drink it because it's just so delicious!

    As I grew older, my mum started to get me cereals for breakfast and my favourite flavour is MILO! 
    Till date, I still have them for breakfast! (: When the school pack version came out, I would bring one small packet to school as snacks because they are made from wholesome grains. This means that I can eat as much as I want, yet not worrying about things like trans-fat as the cereals are full of vitamins, fibre and minerals! 

    I would order Milo when I'm at the coffee shops having my meals, buy a packet of Milo from the vending machine when I'm in school, and would run for my Milo van when there's events!

    With my love for Milo, I decided to explore food products that I can mix with Milo! Milo milkshake, Milo with bread, and my favourite: Milo Doggie Cookies!
    In summary, Milo totally makes wonder with so many things and is definitely indispensable food product that one would have at home!  

    For me, I've just been drinking Milo on a daily basis when I was growing up. Even when I was in the army, they offered Milo packets which just made your day when I was cold and hungry in the field. Milo really provides you with energy to go on through the day, and it tastes really good when combined with Nestlé's Nescafe coffee. It's like Mocha! Milo dinosaur and godzilla are both insane beverages made from spamming Milo, which we all love with our prata. 

    We can't really tell what Milo has got to improve on, except for the awesomeness of the Australian recipe, we just hope that Milo will continue to stay in our lives! I wish Nestlé would come up with an all-in-one Milo product vending machine for all the avid Milo fans! It would have Milo can drinks, Milo packets, Milo milk tea,  Milo Dinosaur, Milo cereal, Milo snack bars and everything Milo can possibly go with! 

    Do you have anything to share about your favourite Nestlé product too? 
    iFeedback is really easy to use and it compiles not just text feedback, but you can also add in pictures and videos if it helps you express yourself better! The interface is very user friendly, just scan your product barcode or QR code, and get writing away! Just make sure you have internet connection for your feedback to go through via email.

    So what are you waiting for? iFeedback now and you can stand to win tickets for two to Europe, proudly sponsored by Finnair!

    1) Download the iFeedBack application on your smartphone for free!
    2) Find a Nestlé product, scan it's barcode.
    3) Talk about how big a role it has played in your life, or simply what changes you hope to see in it! Be creative! Remember to include your Name, Contact number and IC number to qualify! Feel free to use text, images, or even videos to express yourself.

    Here's what we sent: 
    "We really love the Australian recipe as it's richer than the normal version. It's so good it can go without adding sugar or milk! We also hope for a Ultimate Milo machine which has all the Milo products such as Milo canned drinks, Milo packets, Milo Milk Tea, Milo Dinosaur, Milo Snack Bars, Milo cereal, ice cream, nuggets and everything Milo can be made into!"

    4) Submit it through iFeedBack for a chance to win tickets for two to Europe proudly sponsored by Finnair.

    Well what about our desired destination? It's... 

    Being the capital city of England and a leading global city, it would be great to check out famous spots like the Big Ben, King's Cross station, Trafalgar Square and many more! Besides, London is the host for the 2012 Olympic games, so I'm sure we will get to view some awesome stuff about the Olympics.

    If you're a blogger just like us there's more! Stand to win cash prizes of $1000 or $500!

    5) Blog about your experience using the iFeedBack application, include details about your feedback including screenshots, your destination choice as well as the chance to win the tickets!

    6) Encourage readers to just the same, by including all contest details on your blog!

    7) Publish it, email with your name, contact number, NRIC number, blog post permalink and subject title as 'iFeedback Bloggers Challenge' to qualify!

    Don't wait any longer! Contest ends 23rd July so be quick, find your Nestlé product and iFeedback now!

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