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  1. Behind the scenes

    Sunday, 15 July 2012

    Our temp jobs have brought us to some interesting places! And this is one of them!
    We're here not for a movie, but something more exciting, to go to a place where hardly anyone has the chance to.

     Any idea where's this?
     Here's another clue: High powered projector.
     A very big clue!
    Yep, we're at the projection room where movies are screened! Projection rooms are found on the higher floors, with the doors concealed in places where people seldom walk past. The doors are also protected by a passcode so that only staff can enter. Even so, cameras and any recording equipment would be banned to prevent piracy! But since we're not pirates, the person in charge was really nice to us for allowing this exception.
    Ice Age 4 was screening when we're there! The cinemas were pretty empty since it was lunchtime. However, we asked the senior engineer and he said that movies have to go on even if there's only one customer. Isn't it hard on them?
    The senior engineer was explaining to us about how the projection and stuff works, and he pointed out to this (as shown above). In the past, films were recorded onto 35mm reels, and this huge white shelves housed the reels while not in use. After each movie was played, they had to manually rewind, or re-roll the reel using really primitive equipment! It's really hard to imagine how hectic it would be to man 4 projectors especially if all were playing the same movie during peak periods. This was the analog era.

    However, nowadays, they are changing to digital formats! They have really cool computers which have loads of wires leading out to huge projectors! I guess this way it's less tiring for the technicians! We even managed to catch a glimpse of a film reel which said 'The Dark Knight Rises'

    It's an eye opener. Well at least the next time we walk into a cinema, we know what's going on behind the scenes!

    Handing out balloons to strangers & putting smiles on their faces, Project #HelloStranger brings back the kampong spirit! 

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