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  1. Picnic at Henderson Waves, Hort Park

    Saturday, 21 July 2012

    Since my boy has been wanting to go on picnics, I planned one for him on his birthday! This time it's not the conventional picnic, but a high one, at a place where joggers frequent. Got it yet? Yeaps it's at Henderson waves!
    A huge bridge which links Telok Blangah park to Mount Faber park, it's a pity I haven't been here earlier. Even though the white parts of the bridge are slightly covered in moss, the bridge is well maintained overall, which gives me a sense of security when I'm walking on the planks 70 plus metres above sea level.

    The number one thing you must bring on picnics - Off! It really keeps the creepy crawlies away and prevents bites. Well at least I'm bite free after a whole day of trekking!
    We parked our car at Carpark 1 and walked a slope up before we arrived at Henderson Waves.
    I am the carrier. Food in one hand, picnic mat in the other. The walk up is a little winding and takes about 5 to 8 minutes depending on your walking pace.
    Breathtaking view from Hendersons Bridge
    As we visited the place on a Monday, it was really deserted. At least, we get to enjoy a peaceful picnic compared to going places like Barrage. She was pretty worried about wild monkeys though, after spotting signs which warned people about monkeys snatching food and the correct course of action to take.
    Our barang barang includes a picnic map, picnic basket and an umbrella (weather wasn't looking good). The entire bridge doesn't have shelter from the rain so remember your wet weather plan!
    If anyone knows where to get those woven picnic basket, do tell us! 
    Food that I prepared: 
    1) Papaya - I chilled it beforehand so it was still a lil cold. Helps to cool us down in SG's hot weather (:
    2) Crepe roll - I find it hard to prepare these? The crepe breaks so easily?! I don't really know how people are able to make jade rolls using crepes. Anyways, I added lettuce, tomatoes, chicken strips and honey mustard before rolling them up! Really yummy! (: 
    3) Potato Cheese Pancakes - I created these on my own, it's really simple to prepare. If I had more time, I would add water chestnuts and minced meat! My boy's fav! (: Yes I absolutely love these pancakes of happiness. Ask her for the recipe if you are interested!
    4) Egg Mayo + Bacon Croissant - Adapted from Delifrance! Simplest dish to prepare for picnics! :D 
     What's a sandwich without honey mustard? Our favourite topping from Subway must definitely accompany us on picnics.
    On our way to Hort park via the forest walk. Since it was almost a 30 min walk to finish the entire length of Telok Blangah Park, we shifted the car to carpark 3, then walked down to the forest walk which leads to Hort park. Unfortunately, the Earth trail is closed due to soil stabilization so we couldn't check it out.
    We finally reached after 20 minutes! We took longer because we kept spotting weird birds (any bird which was not a mynah, crow or sparrow was classified as weird) as well as many floral features such as the saga tree. The top picture is of a flower planted outside Hort park and the other picture is my boy at the front pond the park!
    Hort park is a joint effort of various horticulturists to bring greenery in our garden city to a new level. There are many different gardens within, each with its own style of design and flowers respectively. For example there's the Balinese garden, the Peranakan garden etc. Do check it out if you need some inspiration.
    They also have a fruits garden where they showcase different kinds of edible plants and crops. Check out the top picture of a bomb looking eggplant! Actually we just assume its an eggplant haha...
    As mentioned, Hort park is a combined effort to promote greenery. At the end of the park lies several Glass Houses which have different climates simulated. The data acquired from these glass houses actually go into building the conservatories which we just visited at Gardens by the Bay! You can see the effort put into the research to find out proper maintenance methods of these plants, so do treasure and appreciate when you visit Gardens alright?

    After spending half a day in nature, we then popped by Plaza Singapura for the Amazing Spider Man! Since we're probably the later ones catching the movie, we shan't write a review about the movie. It was just average anyways. BUT! Do check back for where we went for our dinner!

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