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  1. Rider's Cafe: Brunch haven

    Friday, 20 July 2012

    It was a beautiful Sunday on my birthday eve, and we decided to have brunch together at a fantastic place called Riders Cafe
    Situated in the Bukit Timah area, it's a quaint place with limited seating capacity so remember to make reservations a week in advance especially if you want to go on weekends!
    Clockwise from top left: Riders Burger, 
    On to the food! 

    I had Poached Eggs with Tomatoes, Cream Corn Polenta, Portobello and Sourdough. The poached eggs were too cooked ): It's really a simple breakfast. It's my first time having polenta (looks like omelette from the first look) and I really like it. However, it isn't very filling. So order this if you're going for something light!

    I went for Riders Burger with Rocket, Brie, Relish, Bacon & Seasoned Fries. How can one be at Riders Cafe without trying out their burger right? I opted for medium well beef, yes there is beef. The burger tasted pretty good with the various "fillings". The portion was generally quite large and definitely more than enough for the average person. 

    My Dad went for Marinated Portobello and Halloumi Burger with Caramelized Onions, Cos and Fries, my Mum went for Almond Granola Crusted Fried Chicken with creamy Polenta & Buttered Spinach. I didn't get to try the Halloumi burger but I did manage to sneak a few slices of the crusted fried chicken. It's totally awesome the way the taste hits your tastebuds. You can't really taste the almond but you know it's the crunchy stuff on the chicken. It definitely doesn't need extra seasoning, and even though it's a little salty on its own (my Mum joked about having it to go with a bowl of rice), it's nicely matched with the Polenta and buttered spinach. 

    Do check out this wonderful brunch place to spend a lovely morning or afternoon! And remember your reservations!

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