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  1. Do you sew?

    Tuesday, 10 July 2012

    My boy did up the flash banner even though he's sick! Really amazed by his capabilities in HTML even though he doesn't study IT related modules. Good job for the banner my dear boy! :D

    Was packing my room recently and really feel that my boy's sewing skills have improved ALOT. I didn't take Home Economics in Secondary school so my sewing skills are really poor. In fact, I don't even know how to sew a button! ):

    These were sewed for me 3 years ago! A pink bun was sewed after he had a xiao long bao dinner with his primary school friends. He feels that my cheeks are as chubby as the baos! And then, I requested for a pouch to keep my lip balm and comb. Isn't the polar bear pouch cute? :D
    The best and last item he sewed for me was this laptop case which I think no one can ever beat him in it! No sewing machine was used ok? He even included a soft towel material in the case so that I can lie on it when I'm tired in school! 

    Who else can sew like him? Even if there is... Think no one can be as meticulous as him... (: Maybe he should post some tips on sewing soon if anyone wants to attempt making a small gift for your loved one!

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