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  1. Om nom nom: Birthday Cake!

    Friday, 27 July 2012

    What's a birthday without a cake isn't it? Every year, I would bake a cake for my boy to celebrate his birthday because I can add a personal touch to it as well as customizing it to his taste because he's a chocolate lover. This makes the cake unique and one of its kind in this world! So... it's all the more special! (:
    Have you eaten cakes that have a crispy layer? I really like the wafer alike layer in cakes so I decided to do it to make this chocolate cake more special.

    My recipe is a combination of several ones that I got online because I can't find a recipe that fulfills what I have in mind.
    An expensive cake because of cadbury chocolate and ferrero rocher!
    Looks so creamy before it enters the oven
    Took at least an hour for the cake to bake because I did a wrong step which caused the top to crack! ): However, the cake tasted really good. My mum commented that this is a higher standard cake than the ones I usually make. My brother loved it! My boy wanted more after just eating one mouth! Hee~

    Here's the recipe, enjoy!

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