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  1. Loving Hut: Vegetarian in Suntec!

    Friday, 13 July 2012

    We visited Loving Hut recently for lunch. There was a lunch crowd but we managed to get seats!
    Loving Hut originated with the vision that all beings can live in peace, love and harmony with each other and in tune with the Earth. With environmentally friendly concept and healthy, all of the dishes in Loving Hut are purely plant-based (vegan).
     Main Courses, fried rice to fried mee, they offer the option of onions, depending on your dietary restrictions.
     Snacks, drinks and desserts
    I had Wanton Mee (dry) $5. When you make your order at the counter, the staff would ask if you take onions and chilli. For me, I can't take onions but I like wanton mee with lots of chilli! Generous serving of vegetables, vegetarian meat and 3 wantons! Yums! (:
    There were 2 kinds of fried rice and I opted for the tumeric fried rice since the other one was a little bit boring. Papadum, fake egg and achar were the side dishes. The rice itself was very fragrant and has some mock meat as well as mushrooms. The papadum was really crispy and didn't have the really heavy spice taste which is present in some indian stalls' papadum. The achar wasn't the best I've tasted but it still served as a great complement. The fake egg is basically sweet potato in the centre with mock fishcake at the side wrapped in thin ngoh hiang skin. Overall a decent dish, and at $6.80, you're probably paying for the location rather than the food.
     Every order comes with a soup! Really sweet! I finished all the carrots!
    Unlike those half past six soups which don't really have much taste, Loving Hut's soup has quite a bit of flavour in it, and I suppose they did spend some time to boil it so that the taste from the ingredients made the soup much richer. Thumbs up for this one.
    Loving Hut offers quite tasty food by far, if we compare it with all the vegetarian stalls in shopping malls. If they had other outlets other than Suntec, it would be great because the cost would be lower. Other than the price tag the food is good! Would drop by again if we're in the area.

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