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  1. Geocaching Adventure Begins!

    Monday, 30 July 2012

    Having returned from my one week low key ICT, it's time to embark on our long awaited activity - Geocaching! Here's what Geocaching is about...

    Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt relying on GPS coordinates. The treasures, or caches as they are known, are hidden in all sorts of places. Just go to Geocaching, and you can get started to hunt for your own cache!
    So here's what we did. We went to register an account on the website above. Then since both of us had Iphones, we downloaded the app on Appstore. There is a trial version called Geocaching Intro, and the full version which is available for about 13 USD. Both versions work! 
    We started off from Sheena's home, and the nearest Geocache was called The Last Kampong. It's somewhere near Buangkok Crescent and in the middle of some light forested area. 
    We got as far as we could on a car, and then proceeded on foot. Unfortunately, this proved too much of a challenge for us as we were ill equipped to deal with the foilage as well as the insects. I had 8 mosquito bites, which made it a really horrible experience! We did discover a kampong though, and it was something hardly anyone would see on the mainland of Singapore. After searching for awhile, we decided to give up and move on to the next Cache since I would much prefer an urban environment.
    And so, the next Cache was about 1.6 km away (straight line distance). It's called Carpark Cache #3, hidden at the top level of a multi-storey carpark somewhere in the Serangoon North area. We deciphered the hint and focused on some key areas, however after close to 20 minutes of searching and prodding, nothing turned up.... We decided to give up once again, since we thought that Geocaching wasn't as easy, and we should come back another day when we are more well prepared. 

    Just as I was going to turn out from the top level, I saw one last spot which we missed. I got out from the car, since I was there already. After combing the spot for about 10 seconds, I spotted something suspicious, and sure enough...
    I screamed really loudly in the car when Kerwyn got the cache. Since it was a micro cache, about a tube contained no more than 15 cm long, there was no pen! So if you do come for the cache, remember to BYOP, or bring your own pen!

    Although we didn't manage to complete the Last Kampong, the thrill from our first Geocache success was enough to make us go back for more. This signals the start of our Geocaching adventure!! :D

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