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  1. Every once in a while, my primary school mates would meet up for a gathering over a hearty meal. We've been to several nice cafes/restaurants such as The Merry Men, Pepperoni Pizzeria, Timbre, Strictly Pancakes with them. This time round, it's Prive Cafe at Keppel Bay! 
    Shades for a sunny day!
    View along the way is great, you've got to drive over a short bridge in order to reach Keppel Bay where Prive cafe is located.
    At the entrance
    It's a marina! Waterfront living in Singapore, the maximum atas-ness
    There's indoor air-conditioned seating as well as outdoors. If you do make reservations for a small group, try to get indoors. If you're a large group like us, hopefully you wouldn't get seats in the sun. If you do, you could try getting them to change your table just like we did.
    Popular dishes at the cafe include the award-winning Eggs Benedicts, Fluffy Pancakes, Wraps, Wagyu Burgers and Sticky Date Pudding.
    As I just had 2 teeth extracted less than 24 hours before I had this brunch, my gums were feeling really sore. Hence I ordered the Homemade Pancakes ($13)! What I loved most about the pancakes is that it's really really soft and fluffy! The whipped cream (not those cheapo kind) matched really well with the pancakes!
    Heard their Eggs Benedict ($16) is really good so I decided to give it a go. It's not everyday that I try poached eggs so I couldn't really judge on the texture. However, my friends did comment that the insides weren't runny enough. The bacon and the leg ham went really well with the Hollandaise sauce on top of the English muffins, so nothing to complain there. Perhaps I would go experience some good poached eggs before returning here again.
    Did you know...
    3-6pm is the best time of the day, especially when sliced cakes are 50% off with evert TWG tea or coffee ordered! So, come on down from Mondays to Fridays to have your cake!
    Couple shot with the funky building at the back - Reflections @ Keppel Bay
    Annnddddd finally a group shot to commemorate the day when people actually woke up early enough to have brunch! It's been a long time together, and our topics have progressed to stuff like housing, financial planning, and of course marriage! The first red letter bomb should be landing soon... (:

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